Snyder currently teaches Economic Analysis of High-Tech Industries, which applies Industrial Organization principles to high-tech industries in three regions (China, EU, and US). The course also develops insights for valuations of high-tech firms. 

Snyder began his academic career on the faculty at the business school of the University of Michigan, where he also served as senior associate dean and founding director of the Davidson Institute, which focuses on such emerging markets as India, China, and central Europe.

At Darden, Snyder was the Charles C. Abbott professor.

Snyder served as the George Pratt Shultz Professor of Economics at Chicago Booth. He also oversaw the Stigler Center, whose mission is to conduct research on public policy and regulation. Along with fellow economists Gary Becker, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1992, and Kevin Murphy, a 2005 MacArthur Fellow, he co-taught “Economic Analysis of Major Policy Issues”.

For a complete description of his academic career and credentials, please review his CV.

His research activities include insights into business practices, specifically distribution and contracting practices; antitrust economics and enforcement; public policy; industrial organization; law and economics; and financial institutions. View a listing of his publications.

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