On July 1, 2011, Snyder became Dean and William S. Beinecke Professor of Economics and Management at Yale School of Management.

In naming him to this position in January 2010, Yale University President Rick Levin stated: “Ted Snyder is widely regarded as the most successful business school dean in the nation. He brings experience, enthusiasm, and vision to the Yale School of Management, and he looks forward to maintaining the school’s tradition of preparing students for leadership in business and society by raising their awareness of the context in which business operates. Ted especially appreciates Yale’s openness to collaboration across its schools and departments and its strong institutional commitment to infusing its educational programs with global experiences and global awareness. Ted is also committed to advancing the curricular innovations begun by the SOM faculty three years ago.” 1

Jim Baron, chair of the faculty search committee, stated said that more than 30 business school deans around the world were called for advice on who to consider and Mr. Snyder’s name was the only one that kept popping up. According to Baron, Ted Snyder “was widely regarded by his peers as having done the best job in the last decade or so.” 2

Snyder’s stated aspirations for Yale School of Management are to have the school become recognized as:

  1. The business school that is most involved with its home university: eminent and purposeful Yale University.
  2. The most global U.S. business school in ways that are differentiating and meaningful given how the world’s economy has developed.
  3. The best source of elevated leaders for escalating complexity in all sectors.

Snyder’s focus on globalization dates back to his appointment as the inaugural Director of the Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan, whose founding mission was to engage the university in transition economies such as China, India, Russia, and South Africa. During the early and mid-1990s the Davidson Institute worked directly with enterprises in these regions.

Global Network for Advanced Management

In his first year as Dean of Yale School of Management, Snyder significantly increased the global reach of the school through a number of innovative initiatives. These include Snyder conceiving of and convening the Global Network for Advanced Management, a network of 22 top business schools from a spanning set of countries. The Global Network’s implementation reflects the extreme fragmentation of the management education industry, with over 13,000 business schools in operation worldwide, and the limitations associated with the partnership model by which individual schools work with others on particular programs. The Global Network creates the infrastructure to connect top talent in a flattening world and enables the member schools to collaborate in numerous ways including co-developing cases on global enterprises, project courses, and student projects. The Global Network was officially launched in April 2012.

During his first year at Yale School of Management, the school’s faculty and the Yale Corporation approved an innovative Master of Advanced Management degree program. The one-year program draws applicants exclusively from the Global Network for Advanced Management, after they have completed their MBA, for an advanced degree at Yale. Both initiatives will broaden the global diversity of the school, incorporating perspectives from countries on the horizon of economic development including Indonesia, Turkey, Ghana, Ireland, and Brazil.

Snyder also has strengthened the already strong connections between Yale School of Management and Yale University. For example, the business school has new joint courses with the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs and Yale Law School, and the Master of Advanced Management students will meet regularly with participants in the Yale World Fellows program, a complementary group of high-caliber international leaders on campus.

In December 2013, Snyder will lead the school’s move into Edward P. Evans Hall, the new home of Yale School of Management. The new campus will provide the school with outstanding classroom and function space, as well as state-of-the-art technological capabilities. It also will enable the school to grow its three master level programs (full-time MBA, executive MBA, and Master of Advanced Management), by 70%, which will help the school expand the scope of its programming.

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